Why Choose Meridian for Revenue Cycle Management?

In the complex and ever-changing healthcare systems of today, organizations are evermore dependent on the ability to integrate systems than ever before. At the same time, managing the bottom line has become significantly more difficult. The success of a clinical mission is measured by the ability to utilize data to drive the bottom line.

While technology has generated expansive capabilities, underneath the technology lies the challenging requirements of keeping it all running. On the revenue cycle front, the advent of ICD-10, bundled payments, ACOs, and healthcare reform constitute the single greatest grouping of changes seen in a generation.

Preserve your capital

We eliminate the need for large capital investments in software and hardware so you can put your capital to use for more productive projects. We deliver market-leading technology to support your revenue cycle operation – a fully integrated, hosted Centricity® Business outsourced billing operation. Our solution is ideal for academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks and physician groups that want to slingshot their organizations past the barriers of large capital requirements and months-long installation cycles, and instead focus on their business and clinical missions, both now and in the years to come.

Experience counts.

Few firms exist today with the resources and expertise to manage the complexity involved with very large physician groups. Meridian currently provides services to clients with between 50 to over 500 clinical providers under one organization. We understand the unique demands that go with groups of physicians and providers measured in the hundreds.

Expand your capabilities.

Meridian has the ability to provide not only billing and revenue cycle services, but also the expertise to implement a full suite of industry-leading electronic medical record (EMR) technology, again, without the need for a large capital investment. We provide not just access to the technology, but also deployment, training, and first and second tier user support – all in-house, and all provided by Meridian’s employed IT professionals.

Improve your speed.

Meridian is a nimble partner. Our resources and expertise can quickly address operational and technology needs as they arise.

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