Meridian Microbot Solutions Catalog

Claim Status

Our Claim Status Microbot checks claim status with payers for no response claims, automatically resubmits claims found not on file, notes denials and paid/ not posted for review and moves “in process” claims to holding queue.

Denial Management

Our Denial Management Microbot streamlines denial management. The Microbot automatically checks for the patient’s eligibility with payers when a denial is received. Eligible insurance is returned to your Practice Management system and the claim is resubmitte

Self-Pay Eligibility

It can be challenging to determine if patients are truly self-pay. Our Self-pay Eligibility Microbot helps locate eligible insurance and automatically returns the insurance information to your Practice Management System.

Health and Wellness Check

Automatically check on the status, health, wellbeing, and needs of your team during COVID-19 or other emergency conditions with an easy to view response dashboard.

Medical Record Upload

Help reduce costly manual efforts associated with printing and mailing or uploading medical record attachments with the Medical Record Upload Microbot.

IVR Payments

The IVR Payment Microbot posts patient payments made via telephone from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to your credit card processing system and Practice Management system to seamlessly connect disparate systems.

Authorization Confirmation

Our authorization confirmation Microbot ensures authorization and corresponding CPT code are correct prior to claim submission.

Timely Filing Alert

Never get surprised by timely filing denials again. This Microbot automatically flags claims approaching timely filing limits by payer.

Contractual Payments

Reduce concerns over whether payers are fulfilling their contractual payment obligations. This Microbot compares payments against payer contracted amounts and flags underpayments for staff to make appeals.

Auto Adjustments

Meridian’s Auto Adjustment Microbot enables proactive account management and financial reconciliation through automatic cleanup of irretrievable balances.

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